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Amore per il gusto

Our passion for cuisine is back rooted into the childhood, where both act of cooking as well as the act of working the land- became sacred. These two elements – both the care for genuine and fresh products as well as the constant habitude to reconnect to heritage of flavors – brought us in the condition to consider: what can we bring from the past in order to enrich the present in the Cuisine. Definitely, the answer was the joint will to create a place where the authenticity of flavors speaks by itself.

The Italian name Palato comes from the Latin “Palatum”, meaning the upper part of the interior of our mouth, where the tongue feels the flavors and pushes the aroma inside the nose. It is there that converges the apex of the taste of food.

Palato is a theme restaurant for a large clientele who wants to rediscover the act of cooking in a diverse way, by maintaining the traditional Mediterranean baselines but introducing slightly creative tendencies to keeps both the visual and palpable senses awake. The concept will add the healthy dimension to it and it will act in an environmentally sustainable way.

Our Services

The restaurant has a capacity of about 22 seats, respecting the current 1,5m distancing. Its small size, offered us the basis to aim at obtaining a warm and unique environment. Given its size and design, the restaurant offer you the possibility to host private events or business dinners with the opportunity to have a tailored menu which may include gluten free, vegetarian or even vegan options. We are here to listen to your requests and make sure we meet your expectations.

Our Terrace-Lunch Menu

We would like to announce the official opening of Palato Terrace, starting as of 30th June 2020.

The terrace will be located at the crossroad between Valeriustraat 80 and Lubeckstraat, just two steps away from the restaurant. The new open Palato premise will have 22 seats , respecting all the social distancing measures of 1.5m between the tables.

To enjoy the daily sun span, we will change our schedule to 12:00-22:00 hrs from Tuesday-Sunday.

An additional terrace gourmet menu has been built to satisfy every palato.


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